Youtubers Are My Life
Youtubers Are My Life

I like Marcus Butler more than is socially acceptable and my life revolves around people who talk to a camera and don't know I exist

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This blog has been inactive for months I don’t know why any of you still follow it but you could always go follow my main blog instead

On another note in not going to be using this blog at all anymore,not that I really have been recently so yeah bye

I used to really look up to and admire so many youtubers but now they’ve all changed so much and all the admiration I had is gone. Especially for certain youtubers who I used to think genuinely cared for their viewers, when really they don’t, they just care about the number of views they get and ultimately the money from that.

Marcus unfollowed me on twitter and I’ve been crying ever since lol I’m such a loser


Follow my personal please, I’ll follow back from it:)

Hi hello yes

officialspaceships: I love you

Okay umm why


jnanoh: Hi! Would you mind checking out my Youtube channel? And maybe subscribe share any videos you like? I feel lame asking such a question but I'm trying to get myself out there! Link is on my blog under my photo!

Yeah whatevs

  • me trying to flirt: so what albums make you cry

Or you could follow me on twitter pls ok bye

Follow my personal please, I’ll follow back from it:)